‘X’ is a mark used to represent something unknown or unspecified. In a ceremony the x-factor is the combination of elements that create that feeling of authenticity, uniqueness and magic.


The single most important quality your ceremony needs to have is authenticity. An authentic ceremony is one that expresses the inexpressible essence of who you are as people. It brings together your past, your present, and your dreams for the future. A ceremony that is truly authentic has the power to connect you with all those who are present on the day, the people who share in your journey and your life.

Capturing your uniqueness

I am constantly amazed at how uniquely different each person and couple is, and how sensitive a celebrant must be to those unique differences. A celebrant must have the ability to ‘read’ each client’s needs and wishes, and be flexible enough in their approach to capture and combine the elements for each client that will make that particular ceremony authentic. This is a gift that no amount of polish and professionalism on the day can make up for.

Capturing The Magic

During my years as a registered celebrant I have become aware of the number of families and couples who want to experience that feeling of “magic” or “fairy dust” in their celebration, and who fall into the trap of thinking it can be created simply by spending a lot of time and money on things that look good. I am fully in favor of a celebration that looks good, but the ‘magic’ has more to do with the gathering of your family and friends around you in a personally meaningful location, and with the delivery of a ceremony that reflects who you are as people. The feeling of magic is what you are left with when your spirit has been touched. With a connection between the couple and the celebrant, with a thoughtful approach to ceremony design and wording, and with a warm, personal, relaxed delivery on the day, even the smallest and simplest ceremony can be magic.

Building a relationship

A celebrant must intuitively and sensitively explore a person’s uniqueness during the design phase of the ceremony, and build a relationship with them in the process. If this is done well there will be an energy between the couple and the celebrant that will be evident in the ceremony on the day. Without that energy there will be little hope of authenticity, or that sense of ‘magic’.